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Our Team
Our team are all highly experienced and professional, having worked for many years in the industry. We pride ourselves on offering an exceptional service at very competitive prices. Our staff are renowned for their professional attitude and warm and friendly manner, call us today to find out how we can help you.

Dr. Yasmin Ratanshi BDS

Dr Yasmin Ratanshi qualified from Glasgow University in 1984 and has been practicing dentistry ever since. She worked as an Associate in Glasgow for a year before she moved to London. Yasmin has had a lot of experience working at different practices in London and Hertfordshire before opening her own practice in Welwyn Garden City with her husband. She continues to attend various dental courses to keep herself up to date with the latest products and techniques. She enjoys all aspects of dentistry especially endodontics and is noted for helping her patients finally get what they have been wanting for years. Like you, these patients have always wanted a healthy mouth and that beautiful smile, but didn’t have a dentist that they could really communicate with or trust. Dr. Yasmin Ratanshi will lead you step by step and explain your options of what can be done with your teeth. Dr Yasmin Ratanshi also has particular experience in what many dentists find challenging – the treatment of the fearful patient. Many people are simply very uncomfortable with anything related to dentists or dentistry – even to the point of delaying or avoiding medically needed treatment of their teeth and gums. She successfully treats dental phobic patients through techniques that help to relax the patient and alleviate patient fears. Dr Yasmin Ratanshi truly believes that life is better with great teeth and that you deserve a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. Even if you don’t like dentist or dental treatments, we can make sure that you are glad you found our dental practice. In her spare time she likes to spend time with her family and friends. She enjoys cooking, swimming, keeping fit and learning about other cultures and loves to travel. (GDC No: 59850)

Dr. Sapna Savani BDS

Dr Sapna Savani qualified from Guy’s hospital, London in 1992 after attaining her BDS degree. Since qualifying, Sapna has worked in general practice in North West London and Hertfordshire and has been part of the Woodhall dental team since 2007. She is married and has two young sons. Her clinical interests include restorative dentistry including veneers, crowns, bridgework and prosthetics. Since graduating Sapna has undertaken many Continual Professional Development courses to keep abreast with new developments in clinical dentistry which allow her to provide high quality care to her patients. Providing up to date care and keeping up with latest technology are important to her. Her commitment to excellence, skill and comforting chair side manner have all helped make Sapna a very valuable member of the practice. Sapna is a member of the General Dental Council, Dental Protection and the Hertfordshire Local Dental Committee. Her personal interests include badminton, music and travel. (GDC No: 68590)

Helen Carey

Helen Carey is a highly skilled dental hygienist who has made significant contributions to the field of oral health. With over a decade of experience, Helen has built a reputation for her exceptional dental care and commitment to improving the oral hygiene of her patients. Helen’s journey in the dental profession began in 2000 when she started working as a dental nurse in a general practice. Motivated by her desire to make a difference, Helen enrolled at King’s College in 2006 to pursue a career as a dental hygienist. She successfully completed her qualification in 2009, earning her professional credentials from one of the most prestigious dental institutions in London. Throughout her career, Helen has worked in various practices across London, including prominent locations such as Holland Park and Harley Street. Her exceptional skills, attention to detail, and gentle approach have consistently impressed her patients, making her a sought-after dental hygienist in the city. In 2023, Helen made the decision to relocate to Welwyn Garden City, seeking new opportunities and challenges. By bringing her expertise to a new setting, Helen aims to continue making a positive impact on people’s oral health and overall well-being. Recognising the importance of staying up to date with the latest advancements in dentistry, Helen actively participates in continuous professional development (CPD) courses. By attending these courses, she ensures her knowledge and skills remain current, enabling her to provide the best possible care to her patients. Beyond her professional life, Helen enjoys various hobbies and interests. In her spare time, she loves going to the cinema, indulging in thrilling experiences at theme parks, and immersing herself in the vibrant atmosphere of comic conventions. Helen Carey’s journey from dental nurse to accomplished dental hygienist is a testament to her unwavering passion for oral health and her commitment to improving the lives of her patients. Her expertise, compassionate care, and continuous pursuit of knowledge make her a respected professional in her field. With her recent relocation, Helen is poised to make a positive impact in Welwyn Garden City and further solidify her reputation as a trusted dental hygienist. (GDC No: 174707)

Emily Schofield

After joining the team in 2018 as a trainee dental nurse, I have since qualified by obtaining my Dental Nursing Diploma in 2020. Clinically, I enjoy all aspects of dentistry as I find it very rewarding to see patients satisfied with their visit. I also enjoy my administrative duties therefore I like to alternate between working in the surgery and as a receptionist. Since gaining 2 years of experience as a qualified dental nurse, I am keen to further my education through a dental hygienist/therapy course so I am looking forward my endeavours in this career path. Away from work, I am a footballer for Stevenage FC Women. I train twice a week with my team and play matches every Sunday. In my free time, I like travelling, going on walks with my dog and spending time with my family & friends. (GDC No: 294302)

Noor Fatima

Noor joined the practice in July 2021 as an apprentice dental nurse. After finishing her secondary and upper sixth education, she spent her time looking for a career that would suit her and came across dental nursing. She has now embarked on her journey to become a qualified dental nurse. Noor feels passionate about making a positive difference in someone’s day and helping patients feel comfortable and at ease. She enjoys most, the ability to learn new things and improve her skills every day as a dental nurse. She is very keen to further her education by following up with a hygienist/therapy course once she is qualified as a dental nurse. “I find it’s a very rewarding career with many challenges which helps me get out of my comfort zone and I have been very fortunate that all my colleagues are very supportive, helpful and constantly encouraging me.” Noor has a keen interest in photography and likes to take photographs whenever an opportunity arises and enjoys pursuing this as a hobby. In her free time, she also likes to spend time with her family, talk to friends and devote time to her cat and dog.

Jessica Baker

Jessica Baker started her dental nursing career in October 2021. She is very excited about her new career and looks forward to getting her qualification in dental nursing. She has already achieved a diploma in Health and Social Care.

“As soon as I started working as a dental nurse, I really liked it. Whilst I was finishing my second year of college and looking into different careers, I came across dental nursing, and thought it would be an interesting job and experience.” Jessica has now enrolled on a dental nursing course and starts her training in November 2021. “So far, I have really enjoyed my time at Woodhall dental practice learning about the day to day running of the practice before I start my training on the clinical side. It has a hardworking and friendly environment, that is easy to be a part off.” In her free time, Jessica enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She also likes to go shopping and walking her dog.